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Fruit juices: research says they are worse than soft drinks


A new study has concluded that 100% fruit juices are worse than sugary drinks

At the beginning of the year we warned you about the dangers of consuming orange juice. Now, new research by Emory University (Atlanta) and Cornell University (New York) has opened the range to all fruit juices.

The study dismantles the belief established in society that juices are healthy and nutritious, when the reality is quite the opposite. Although it is true that they have many vitamins and nutrients, we should all limit or banish their consumption forever: they are not as 'healthy' as we think.

Fruit juices are not (as) healthy

The aforementioned research, published in the prestigious journal Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) and collected by The Telegraph, showed that drinking a 350 milliliter glass of juice a day can increase the risk of premature death by up to 24%.

Drinking a glass of juice, a day can increase your risk of premature death by up to 24%

The damage that juice causes on health is due to its high content of fructose, the sugar naturally present in fruits, which increases our resistance to insulin and stimulates hormones that promote the accumulation of fat, especially that which accumulates in the gut. All of this leads to an increased chance of heart disease or diabetes.

Such is the sugar in juices that it is estimated that a medium glass has approximately the same amount of sugar as a can of Sprite or a bag of M&M lacasitos. In total, a normal-size glass of this juice can add up to 33 grams of sugar. I mean, a stupid thing.

In this regard, another study from the Current Opinion in Lipidology linked high fructose consumption with increased abdominal fat and insulin resistance.

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Juice, more harmful than soft drinks

To reach all these conclusions, the research has compared natural fruit juices with common sugary drinks, such as Cola or lemon.

The experts showed that soft drinks were much less harmful to health than juice, although both increased the risk of premature death.

The experts showed that soft drinks were much less harmful to health than juice

In this regard, the study, conducted among 13,000 people over six years, found that drinking a 340 ml glass of soda increased the risk of premature death by 6%, while drinking the same amount of juice per day increased said risk is a 24%, that is, 18 points of difference.

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A decisive investigation

Although the data and results of the study are decisive, the authors of the same are cautious when drawing conclusive conclusions, since they assure that they need more evidence to show that the juices are as harmful as the first tests have determined.

Juices are often seen as a 'healthy' alternative to sugary drinks, but they actually contain much more sugar

His British colleagues, however, say that these findings are relevant. They assured that people who drink too many fruit juices and smoothies, even if they are 100% natural, should replace them with whole fruit pieces.

"This is a very important study, especially since juices are often seen as a 'healthy' alternative to sugary drinks, but they actually contain much more sugar," Professor Gunter Kuhnle of the University of Reading tells The Telegraph.

The ideal is, therefore, that you consume the whole fruit, and not in excess, since it has a lot of fructose.

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