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Why Doing Sit-Ups Doesn't Help You Lose Belly Fat (And What Works)


If you are killing yourself doing sit-ups with the aim of getting rid of your belly, we have to tell you that you are going the wrong way. There are other much more useful exercises

The abdominal fat, also called belly, is what it costs us more to take away when we passed the fringe 40 years. It seems that whatever we eat, all the extra calories go to there, in both men and women.

If you are trying to lose weight in this area, you should know that you may not have accumulated fat there from eating too much, because your belly may have appeared due to many different factors, such as your genes or your stress level. Although, and it is not to discourage you, it is most likely that you have been eating badly.

The good news is that we can lose weight abdominal fat, or lose it, basically, if we carry out a series of tricks, which are not exactly doing abs.

Why doing crunches is not good for losing your gut

If you are one of those who kills yourself to do sit-ups during the day and at night, we have to tell you that they are useless if you want to reduce belly fat. Although in your head it seems like a good idea to exercise the area you want to lose weight, in reality it is useless, because you cannot tell your body "hey you, lose weight right here but not in this other part".

When we lose fat and weight, we do so from all parts of the body almost equally. Personal trainer Natalie Jill always recommends doing functional exercises that involve all the core muscles of the body (abs, back, pelvic area, obliques) and elsewhere.

"These exercises work more muscles, so there is a greater calorie burn while they are performed," he says.

The three best exercises to lose belly fat

We have already seen that doing sit-ups is of little use if we want to lose belly fat. Instead, as Jill assures us, we have to opt for more comprehensive exercises.

1) Iron

The plank is a functional exercise that works: they activate not only the core muscles but also those of the arms, legs and buttocks.

It is the most effective exercise to burn localized fat in the abdominal area. To do this you must place the body in a horizontal position with respect to the ground, supporting the forearms and the tips of the feet. You must have the whole body straight, strongly activating the abdomen, lower back, buttocks and legs.

You can add movements to make it more dynamic, as shown in the following video:

2) High Impact Cardio (HIIT)

This exercise, whose initials correspond to its words in English (High Intensity Interval Training), is of high intensity. It is a training that combines fast and intense bursts of exercise with slower ones, whose objective is to accelerate the heart rate of those who practice it, accelerate their metabolism and make them burn many more calories than if they opted for another sport.

"You must exercise at full intensity because the end goal is to burn more calories, and high intensity exercise does exactly that," says the aforementioned coach.

Good examples of training are spints and jump squats. Here's an explanatory video from Coach Patry Jordan:

3) Deadlift and strength training

This exercise involves a complete work of the muscles of the core or central area of ​​the body. A starting position is acquired with the legs spread shoulder-width apart, keeping the knees slightly bent throughout the work.

From here, a hip bend or bow is performed, bringing the arms to a point midway between the knees and ankles. You should always descend with your back straight to avoid injuries and ascend by making forces from the abdomen, where we want to focus the effectiveness of the exercise.

Almost the most important thing: diet

It is no use practicing these exercises if you eat a lot and badly later. If you continue to eat the same and want to lose a few kilos, especially in the abdominal area, you will have to exercise for an hour, intensively, every day, but as different studies have shown, it is difficult to follow for most of the population, especially if one is not used to it.

The best thing is that you combine a healthy, varied diet, low in calories and high in protein, as we have already told you here, with some exercise, such as the ones we have proposed, to accelerate weight loss and lose weight in the area of belly.

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